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You want to stop smoking?  Great!  Hypnosis is a wonderful way to help you take back control and not only quit smoking, but stop for good!  Thousands of people have quit smoking using hypnosis and they did it without gaining weight. Stop Smoking

I know this is a life changing decision and I want to help you succeed in becoming a non-smoker.  On the first appointment you watch a video or two.  After that we will discuss your individual goal, whether it’s to quit gradually or rapidly.

A two session commitment is required with appointments no more than 7 days apart.  Most people either quit all together or cut way down after the first session.  The second session is usually much more powerful than the first.  Sometimes an individual may need more than two sessions, and there is a plan for that as well.  Often times this is because the cigarette seems to fix everything (stress, loneliness, boredom) like a best friend.

The only requirement expected of you is to really want to quit smoking.  If you really want to stop, hypnosis is the key to your success.


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