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InfertilityHypnosis for Fertility is a popular practice because it is natural and it compliments medical modalities/assisted reproductive techniques to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. It can be used for first and second infertility, and unexplained infertility.

The system that I use here at my office is HypnoFertility® and has been used with great results helping women conceive for more than a decade. For more information check out books by creator Lynsi Eastburn, It's Conceivable! Hypnosis for Fertility and The 3 Keys to Conception, Pregnancy Against All Odds. For more information about HypnoFertility® the website is HypnoFertility.com

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Hypnosis is natural and it works to neutralize subconscious blocks and worries to rebalance the mind, body, and even the spirit.   Also works with the parasympathetic nervous system to really take you out of that fight or flight state, that fears or worries have put you in, so that you can conceive with ease. Staying in this fight or flight state is very stressful to the body. Doctors already know that stress can cause/increase high blood pressure, headaches, heart disease, acid reflux, IBS, skin issues, sleep disorders, etc. - So how could it not effect Fertility?

Studies have indicated that women experiencing infertility and utilizing mind/body techniques have a higher conception rate — more than double in some studies — as compared to those not following such a protocol. Here are a few studies that show significant benefits of Hypnotherapy to promote Fertility:

  • A study of the impact of hypnosis during embryo transfer (ET) found that the use of hypnosis during ET may significantly improve the IVF/ET cycle outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. The conception rate was double for the hypnosis group as compared with those who underwent IVF without hypnosis. Fertility & Sterility (2006)


  • A study of the practical uses of clinical hypnosis in enhancing fertility, healthy pregnancy, and childbirth found hypnosis to be an effective method to reduce women's stress, enhance feelings of control, as well as to manage psycho-emotional issues that may be contributing to infertility. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practices (2009)


  • A study of the effects of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) upon infertility found hypnosis to be helpful in dealing with the impact of the infertility diagnosis, the effects of assisted reproduction (ART), emotional distress, and depression. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2014)


  • A 2016 study found hypnosis to be a viable treatment for infertility in women. The majority of patients presented with exceptionally high mental/emotional anxieties upon which hypnosis appears to have had a profound effect. 100% of patients reported significant improvement following their first hypnotherapy session. 88.88% of which were self-proclaimed "Type A" personalities. A prominent shift in primary and secondary infertility diagnoses was also noted.


Hypnosis for Fertility can:

  • Give You a Sense of Control
  • Eliminate Negative Self-talk
  • Relieve Frustration
  • Neutralize Emotional/Subconscious Blocks
  • Regain Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Release Fears or Worries
  • Improve your future parenting skills

The 5-PATH® Hypnosis & 7th PATH Self Hypnosis® systems along with HyponFertility® by Lynsi Eastburn will provide hypnotherapeutic release and support for you to conceive naturally or while undergoing ART (including IUI, IVF, etc.) prepareing you for your baby.

The tale has been told many times of couples trying and failing to conceive for years, only to succeed once they gave up trying. Hypnosis can increase your chances of becoming pregnant before you give up. There is Hope!

Call, Email, or Text now to find out how it will work for you! Your Baby is waiting :)

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