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5-Path Logo5-PATH® (5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy) is a unique step-by-step process that uses the most advanced techniques in the field of hypnosis to allow you to make positive changes in your life that you desire. This systematic approach quickly and efficiently gets to the root of your issue by following the feelings that are holding you back. It then gives you the opportunity to correct any misconceptions and release emotional energy at the source of the belief that is driving those unwanted behaviors.

Our approach uses 5 phases and usually takes 4-7 sessions for most issues to be resolved. Each phase could take one or more sessions to chase down and neutralize those negative feelings that get in your way of making the changes your want.

Phase 1 – Introductions, exploring mutual goals, education about hypnosis, and experiencing hypnosis - getting to the deepest levels.

Phase 2 – Working with causes and misperceptions of the subconscious.

Phase 3 – Neutralizing internal resentment or anger.

Phase 4 – You’ve done some great work so far! We strengthen all the changes by looking at mistakes in a different perspective. Increases self-love, self confidence and trust in one’s self giving you the confidence you need to achieve your goals!

Phase 5 – Rarely needed, and is for lingering issues.

Most issues can be cleared up entirely and permanently in only 4-7 sessions, which is considerably faster than other common forms of treatment. It’s important to complete the process in order to neutralize all the negative emotions involved with the issue that you come in for, so that it’s totally eliminated. Each 1½ -2 hour session is different by utilizing powerful techniques that lead to greater understanding and insights. Afterwards, you’ll find it’s easy to make the changes you desire with your subconscious on your side instead of working against you. In as little as a month or so you could be achieving your goals you really want instead of just dreaming them!


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