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What will I feel like when I’m hypnotized?

Your body will feel thoroughly relaxed - it might feel really heavy or it might feel floaty - or some people report feeling tingly - everyone is different.  Your conscious mind is really unconcerned with your day to day matters because it is focused on sensations, feelings, and emotions that your subconscious is bringing up.  You will be dreamily aware of noises around you, except your subconscious mind will be super alert to what your hypnotist is saying - but not to worry in case of emergency, your conscious mind pops back in quickly.

Will I know what’s going on when I’m hypnotized?
What does your hypnotist mean when they say sleep?

Yes!  You know everything that is going on during your session.  As a hypnotist I want you to know and remember the wonderful insight that happens during your session.  During hypnosis, you will hear me talking and most likely be talking yourself as I guide and ask questions.

When I, as a hypnotist, say the word “sleep” it doesn’t mean actual sleep.  It means to go loose, limp, and relaxed as if your were asleep - but you don’t actually go to sleep.  You may feel floaty or heavy, similar to right before you go to sleep at night.

Is Hypnosis safe?
Will scary things happen like in the movies?
Can I be made to tell things or to do stuff that I don’t want to do?

Yes it’s safe - you do it naturally throughout the day, such as when you are driving a car and forget to take an exit because you were so consciously caught up in your own thoughts -  your subconscious was driving!

About the scary movie thing, Hollywood loves to take the idea of hypnosis and creatively run with it.  No, you will not be stuck in hypnosis and you won’t begin to see ghost and ghouls. Movies are fictional and are for entertainment.  Nothing crazy like that will happen. 

You cannot tell your secrets under hypnosis or perform some crazy stage act unless you want to.  You are in control at all times.  Your subconscious mind is there to keep you safe - that’s its job.  If something feels immoral or unsafe you won’t do or say it. 

What does a Hypnotist do during Hypnotherapy session?

Hypnosis SessionWhat happens during a session is pretty simple for how profoundly it can change and improve your life.  What I do is 5 Path - each session builds on and is different from the previous one and is specifically designed to get the best results possible for you to powerfully resolve whatever behavior or issue you have come to change.  That’s why it’s important to go thru the entire process.

Each session has 3 phases: induction, techniques used to bring resolution, and emerging.  In the induction phase I will guide you to where you need to be to do the work you need to do.  Once you are there then we begin to do various techniques to aid with insight into your behavior or your issue that you want to change.  Then we add suggestions to help with the change right before you are emerged out of hypnosis.

How do I get out of Hypnosis?  Is it possible to get stuck there?

You actually put yourself in hypnosis, so at any time you don’t want to be there anymore you can make yourself come out.  When you’re under hypnosis guided by your hypnotist, you are emerged or guided out as well.  But say, for curiosity sake, if something happened to the hypnotist during your session and they were unable to guided you out either 2 things would happen:  one you would come out because you wondered why no one was talking or two you would fall asleep because you were so relaxed, and then would just wake up out of hypnosis.

What if I think that I can’t be Hypnotized?  Is it a guarantee?

Hypnosis is a powerful mental gift that we are all born with.  You can learn to use it to resolve problems and unwanted habits that arise throughout your life.  Most people can be hypnotized if you can follow instructions.  It’s kind of like a dance the hypnotist leads and you follow.  If you allow yourself to be led, then the dance will flow smoothly, if you don’t, it won’t work.

There is no guarantee since you’re in control of the outcome.  I act as a guide, but you have to do the work.  You hear every word I say even though you may look like you’re sleeping.  You have control at all times. This can be empowering because you have the tools to change your life in any positive way that you like.

What kind of people use Hypnosis?

All types of people use hypnosis - from celebrities and athletes to everyday people - thousands using it to change habits and beliefs, enhance athletic performance, medical issues (with a doctor referral), fertility, etc.  Anyone can do it there are no economic divides, no particular type of person, spiritual or not.  It’s as natural as sleep and there are no discriminations.  It has become very mainstream.  Usually when I tell people I’m a Hypnotist they are very interested.

How is hypnosis different from meditation, relaxation and visualization?

Hypnosis in everyday terms, is when you get lost in a good book or movie and everything else seems to go on around you with out you really pay attention to it.  You are so into the movie and maybe something sad happens and you cry.  How this works is with the subconscious mind - it doesn’t know if what is happening in the movie is really or not it’s just responding with the proper emotion in that situation.  You are caught in the “trance” of the movie or book.

Hypnosis uses focused attention (a trance) to distract your conscious mind so that you can access your subconscious mind (where the emotions and beliefs are located) so you can change a particular behavior or belief to achieve a specific goal such as smoking or weight loss. 

Mediation focuses for example on breathing and keeping an open focus on thoughts and feelings just letting them come and go in order to free the mind of what bothers it.  It is often used to become more relaxed, peaceful, creative, self-aware.

They both bypass critical thinking and use the subconscious/ unconscious mind. But, Hypnosis is used to get in there and really make specific changes to beliefs, emotions, or perceptions - fast.  It can also be used to make changes within the physical body.

Relaxation is used during mediation and hypnosis.  It is used on the body and the mind.  When it is used on the body: the muscles are in a relaxed state of not being contracted or used, as all tension goes out of them - heart rate, breath rate and blood pressure are all lowered.  When the mind relaxes, your conscious mind begins to be distracted and the subconscious mind becomes easily accessible.

Visualization is used during hypnosis or in everyday self-hypnosis.  It is similar to daydreaming but differs by how you view yourself during the enactment.  During visualization you use your imagination to view yourself actually doing a specific behavior or event in the first person present tense - when you daydream you use your imagination to watch a scene unfold from afar in the future as if you were watching yourself do the behavior or event in third person.


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